Business and product development, enabling growth.

Areas of Expertise

Business development, product management, communications and market oriented roles are my specialties.

  • Product Development & Management
  • International organisations and establishment in new markets
  • Leadership - Leading teams, leading change and self-leadership
  • Agile and Lean Agile operations
  • Public speaking and trainings - making something complicated interesting and easy to understand
  • Strategies and roadmaps – and actually executing according to plan
  • Consultative work

Work Experience

I have worked over a decade in leading companies helping them grow and internationalise. Key focus has been on product and business development in roles with strong emphasis on collaboration.


I thrive in dynamic fast-paces organisations, and love to work in teams with people from all over the world. Colleagues and clients regard me as a highly skilled person with a consultative approach.


I have a thorough academic background as university graduate. I have always regarded studies as key for my personal development, and have challenged myself by studying several different subjects.


After my studies I mostly regard myself as a business professional, although I have studied several other fields as well. My main area of specialisation has generally been international trade and commerce.